Unplayable Lie by David Myles Robinson

Unplayable Lie by David Myles Robinson

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When Eddie Bennett began playing golf as a way to bond with his father, he quickly displayed a rare talent for the game. After a long and at times tragic road to the PGA Tour, all of the hard work appears to have paid off when it appeared as if Eddie would be a sure candidate for Rookie of the Year.

Then Eddie sees something he should not have seen on the back nine of the Congressional Country Club. During a practice round for his first U.S. Open, he witnesses a murder. The killer is the man who will probably be the next President of the United States. He quickly understands his golfing career is ruined, but that is not all. The event forces Eddie underground while he tries to prove what he saw in a bid to get his life back.

Eddie begins living a life a world apart from the pampered life on tour. He puts his trust in Atlanta attorney, Bryce Ballyntine, who helps him investigate the murder. Through his connection with Ballyntine, Eddie meets Mug, a terribly ugly but brilliant African-American with a criminal past and a talent for creating new identities. Armed with new credentials, Eddie flees to Mexico where he becomes friends with a golf hustler named Al and his gay partner, Manolo. As it turns out, Manolo has a past connection to the man who is now President.

After the administration discovers Eddie in Mexico, he is forced to bolt again. In Belize, Eddie hooks up with Becky, a sexy but flighty scuba instructor. In the Dominican Republic, Eddie again risks exposure when he meets Sister Theresa, a nun who knew him in his past life.

Unplayable Lie is much more than a novel about golf and the lessons the game can teach us. It is about coming of age, about attaining goals, and about dealing with the tragedies of life. It is about how the invisible hands of parents’ guide us through life, long after they are gone. It is about trust and friendship, and love.

David Myles Robinson was born in Los Angeles, California. He went to Blair High in Pasadena and attended San Francisco State College, Cal State Los Angeles, University of Hawaii, and San Francisco State University respectively. He obtained his J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1975 where he met his wife, Marcia Waldorf.

The two moved to Hawaii to practice law in 1975. Waldorf retired as a Honolulu Circuit Court Judge in 2006 and Robinson retired from private practice in 2010. Robinson’s non-writing passions include golfing and skiing.

Robinson has always wanted to write. He completed his first novel 20 years ago, but shelved it after deciding the writing was too stilted by many years of writing legalese. Unplayable Lie is Robinson’s first novel written in retirement. He has since completed a legal thriller and is at work on his third.