Manuscript Preparation

Preparing your manuscript is an important task.  You have to do so correctly. You must complete your manuscript professionally. What does this mean?

First, it means that you have to have a “clean” manuscript. In other words, do not try to make your file “look like a book.” If you do, it will inject code into the Word file, making the production of your book very tedious. Typically, we will reject a tedious project.  It is not worth our time to rewrite your story.  For formatting, simply open a new page in Word and begin typing your story. Do not put footnotes or other formatting code into your file.

Manuscript preparation also means that your manuscript should be completely free of all mistakes. Spelling has to be correct, grammar should be accurate, the story’s flow should make logical sense, the syntax should be proper, and your readers should never see a problem with your narrative.

Here is an important concept about your manuscript—the manuscript you submit for publication must be perfect. BluewaterPress will go through your manuscript and alert you to minor spelling, grammar, and syntax problems. We want to produce a quality product, but you are responsible for the mistakes.

After your project is refined, completed, and produced for publication, you will approve the final file. 

Once you approve the file for publication, we will upload your project to our printer’s servers. If you find a mistake after you have approved the file for publication and we have uploaded your project to the servers, there will be a $150 charge for any changes and additional uploading of the files. As you can see, it is crucial for you to do the best job possible in producing your story.

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