Buying Books

Buying Books

Purchasing books from BluewaterPress LLC has never been easier.  Simply click on the proper link for the book you wish to obtain, insert the quantity, supplier shipping information, choose your payment method, and click buy. This is important: before your submit your purchase, make certain your mailing address is correct, as it cannot be changed once the order is submitted.

Our webhost,, provides secure socket layer (SSL) security so that credit card purchases are safe.  Your information is not kept on record, so you do not have to worry about any sort of a breach.

If you are fearful about the Internet and security, you may also buy our products via US mail.  It will take a little bit more math on your part, but it is doable.  Please include the appropriate sales tax for your state and location as well as proper shipping costs.  (You can determine this by using the website to order, and then cancel, the sale).

Simply mail the request and check or money order for the book you wish to buy to:

BluewaterPress LLC 

2922 Bella Flore Ter

New Smyrna Beach FL 32168

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