Tropical Lies by David Myles Robinson

Tropical Lies by David Myles Robinson

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Pancho McMartin, Honolulu’s colorful, unpredictable and successful criminal defense attorney will soon take on a client charged with the most brutal, high profile murder in Hawaii’s history. Pancho’s client is a former mercenary, accused of the brutal murder of the man who was once Honolulu’s most sought-after investment counselor.

As the case unfolds and the lies are exposed, the evidence against Pancho’s client is overwhelming and Pancho, now desperate, must find a way to prove his client’s innocence. The trial isn’t going well and Pancho is forced to ask himself: is his client really innocent?”

Finally, Pancho realizes there is one card he might be able to play in this life and death courtroom drama. It would be the biggest gamble of his professional life. The problem is that if it backfires, not only could it destroy Pancho’s career, but also result in a guilty verdict that would send his client to prison for life.

Tropical Lies is an edge-of-your-chair legal thriller of nerve-wracking suspense and surprise twists.


David Myles Robinson was born in Los Angeles, California. He went to Blair High in Pasadena and attended San Francisco State College, Cal State Los Angeles, University of Hawaii, and San Francisco State University respectively. He obtained his J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1975 where he met his wife, Marcia Waldorf.

The two moved to Hawaii to practice law in 1975. Waldorf retired as a Honolulu Circuit Court Judge in 2006 and Robinson retired from private practice in 2010.

Robinson’s non-writing passions include golfing and skiing. The two now live in Taos, NM.