Patriots by Gregory T. Edgar
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Patriots by Gregory T. Edgar

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The prequel to Gregory Edgar's Gone to Meet the British

The Battle of Bunker Hill, the first major battle of the Revolutionary War, is the backdrop of this story.  Three teenage boys – two Americans and one British – learn that war is not the glorious adventure they thought it would be, and that their enemies are human beings after all.

“This story will interest young readers, and help them to make connections between the battle, the people, and the Cause.  The story feels authentic from the opening paragraph, and grows as the reader participates to the last page.  I was also taken by Edgar’s ability to capture the personality of several key leaders with a few firm strokes of the pen.”

- Jacqueline Abbott, book critic, Yankee Post, Connecticut Council for Social Studies

“Patriots definitely brought the battle to life for me.  When reading how the boys felt while waiting for the British to come closer, I felt I was there with them.  Should be required reading.”

- Kathy Mullin, Educator, Vernon, CT Schools

“Mr. Edgar is truly gifted in bringing history to life for young readers.  This book is a great way to get students excited about history, a must read for every home-schooled student.  A+ rating.”

- Shelley Ashcroft, book critic, Homeschool Exchange magazine

“An accurate and engaging novel that should spark interest in students.  Historical events unfold at a pace that is slow enough to facilitate understanding, yet fast enough to maintain suspense and interest.”

- Dr. Dean Cantu, book critic, Viewpoints, Indiana Council for Social Studies

“Patriots and Gone to Meet the British should be in every school library.  Edgar has a knack for reaching young Americans, bringing our history to life as the vivid story that it truly is.”

- Dave Palmer, History Channel consultant, author of George Washington & Benedict Arnold

ISBN: 9781604520286

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