A Layman's Look at  Questions Jesus Asked By S. V. (Steve) Dedmon
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A Layman's Look at Questions Jesus Asked By S. V. (Steve) Dedmon

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Questions, questions, questions. Political events, sporting venues, breaking news, all elicit questions. Questions come in various forms, for a variety of reasons. Some probing, some patronizing, other preposterous, questions are—questions. We are in an age when, if you stick a microphone or other type of recording device in someone’s face, there is a question that follows.

Some questions are rude, others are ridiculous. For example, ever heard an interviewer ask a question and wonder what was the point or how could it be appropriate under the circumstances? Too many times, questions are asked for shock value rather than attempting to prompt an open, honest response. Still others are used to trap or traumatize.

In Questions Jesus Asked, readers will see Jesus as the master of asking the right questions. Those questions provoked the responder to examine and see themselves spiritually in a new, and in most cases, life-changing way. From these questions and the answers they elicited, we get a glimpse into our own lives as we walk and witness for the cause of Christ. Whether a new or seasoned believer, these questions are as pertinent today as they were when Jesus asked them. It may do us a great service to answer them afresh as well.

The second in the Layman’s Look series, Questions Jesus Asked, looks at a variety of questions Jesus asked a very diverse audience. Some of those who Jesus confronted and challenged included the blind, the rich, the curious, his disciples and avowed enemy. The questions address not only spiritual and practical issues, but do so in a manner that exposed and brings to light spiritual truths. Ultimately, those being asked the questions saw themselves and Jesus in a context that would forever change their lives. The text can be used by an individual, or in a group dynamic, such as a Sunday school environment as a weekly study.

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S.V. (Steve) Dedmon earned his bachelor’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) and Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University. At ERAU, he teaches a variety of aviation law related courses. He is member of the Florida and United States Supreme Court Bars as well as past chair and current member of the Florida Bar Aviation Law committee.

Since accepting Christ, he has been a member of various Southern Baptist churches where he has taught in various ministries as well as served as a deacon. Steve is a staunch defender and zealous advocate for the divine inspiration and inerrancy of God’s Word. He has been married for 37 years to his wife Suzanne and they have two children. He is an avid tennis player and aviation enthusiast as the owner of two aircraft, one of which was the primary trainer in WWII. He and Suzanne reside in Fleming Island, Florida.

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