Through Jenny's Eyes

Through Jenny's Eyes

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What child would not agree life is unfair? But for 14-year old Jenny Louisa, never did a statement hold more truth. Her heart is broken over a boy; and the boy is her brother, Tom.

This is her story…but only Jenny is left to tell it. You will laugh and cry with them, experience their adventures, share their intimate secrets and their fun...and you'll walk along with them in their shoes.

This story immerses its readers into the childhood antics of Jenny Louisa and Thomas Ray Hendricks—and how Tommy’s death at 17 leaves Jenny with a bitter, broken heart. You will meet the family, live the lifestyle, learn the lessons and embrace the wisdom.

She humorously narrates through their adventures, and after recounting their lives together and looking at life’s inequities square in the face, she comes to terms with them.

Witness the secrets that unfold leading to a tragic end as revealed Through Jenny’s Eyes.

Diane McCloskey, a native of Astoria, Queens, NY, began her writing career literally in the first grade after writing a poem she called “Spring.” She started writing Through Jenny’s Eyes while living in Florida. She now resides in Texas.