The Dark Side of the City

The Dark Side of the City

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Howard Giordano’s charismatic protagonist, Luke Rizzo, is back in The Dark Side of the City. In this story, Rizzo takes on the Mafia. Again collaborating with his favorite FBI agent, Rizzo brings down a flourishing money-laundering operation, all the while dodging the mob’s many attempts to whack him. Giordano’s story gives his fans another thrilling ride from the start of the book to the last sentence.

BluewaterPress LLC published Giordano’s debut thriller, Tracking Terror, in 2016. The novel became a bronze medal award winner in an international contest where the top-of-the-line thriller author, Daniel Silva, claimed the gold. A Hollywood production company optioned Tracking Terror for film. Giordano’s next thriller, The Second Target, dealt with the theme of revenge, and the third thriller in the series, Crossing Into Darkness, combined the subjects of drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Luke Rizzo is back. This time the Mafia is his target. Howard Giordano’s third book in his page-turning series shows an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the mob. It’s sure to raise the question of whether it’s based entirely on his research . . . or is he a “made man?”

John Wayne Falbey, author of the Sleeping Dogs series of geopolitical thrillers